Thursday, January 12, 2017

Techncal Manager Roles and Responsibilites

In Agile Development, The role of Technical Manager should be equally divided across below 6 steps which will helps us in delivering better products. Recently I moved from Architecture to Technical Manager role and I am evaluating different frameworks for efficient project delivery and below framework is very promising.

Generally, I spend 30% work on Strategy, 50% work on design & develiopment and remaining on coordination and team management

1.     Understand Management’s Brand Customer Experience Strategy.
2.      “What is the end in mind?”
3.      What are the frontline Non-Negotiables or the KPI’s?
4.      Training Collateral.
5.      Reporting Needs.
6.     Scenario Library or theater?
7.      Key Performance Indicators?
8.      What are the “Important Business Metrics”?
9.      What are the short term and long term Objectives?
10.   Goals to reach.
11.   Report Distribution.
12.   Targets to evaluate.
13.   What are the Cause & Effect Linkage to business metrics?
14.   Budget?
15.  CBA Demographics, DB Design.
16.   Collateral Documents including Guidelines, Certification, Questionnaire.
17.   Reporting.
18.   Customized Conditional Alerts that push reports based in your defined business rules.
19.   Business Metrics to be hosted.
20.  Brand Agent Certification Exam for knowledge transfer
21.   Project Plan and Timeline.
22.   Interventions to be used.
23.   Custom Data Base Programming.
24.  Launch Field Work.
25.   On Line Data Capture.
26.   Real time Reporting Platform.
27.  Benchmark.
28.   Execute.

29.   Demonstrate Internal ROI Using “Cause and Effect” Linkage to Real Business Metrics

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